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Importance of Engineering Audit 


We've seen many organisations failed due to deviated processes, due to written procedures are not complying to actual practices, thus audit is very crucial.

ISO Audit:


ISO Standard covers wide range of industries, that is good for keeping all practices to follow the boundaries of what should be done to keep the Quality as it is the utmost priority above all.


Source Inspection Audit 


Source Inspection Audit will be performed when the organisation can not afford to have the failure of their incoming Quality, thus upfront audit will be performed at the supplier site prior the delivery of the goods.

Process Audit:


Processes are very crucial in every corporation, some mishap might cause the catastrophe for the final product that may cause big loss at the end. Hence, the eye from the independent auditor is needed to have a helicopter view above all mishap.


Maintenance Audit:


Equipments, systems and their maintenance are the key factors of the criticallity of the downtime. The lesser the downtime the better the uninterruptable processes in the manufacturing line.


Safety Audit 


This audit is mainly focused in the hardcore industries, such as construction industry, manufacturing industry, etc where safety is hollistically required as histories proven there are many casualties in these type of industries. How about the softcore industries? Well the decision is yours.

Ad-Hoc Audit:


We will round about to check your systems, your processes, your standards, your machineries and equipments, your facilities, your manufacturing lines, etc, to make sure you are ready for the VIP customer who will visit you the next day. Please count on us, because we are the only expert in this.


FDA Simulation Audit:


When Device/Pharma/Food companies would like to be audited by FDA, we are able to brush out all the loop holes prior the real FDA inspector visit your companies. Many reasons of FDA would like to audit the companies, one of them is the pre-market approval. FDA audit is a serious audit and quite tough, we had experience it before and will guide you through with ease.


Sterilization and Validation Audit:


When the client has their own protocol to run, and your company is strictly to adhere into it which parameters are running according to the protocol, we are able to advise you during IQ, OQ and PQ stages accordingly as per ISO 11135.


Microbiology Audit:


We are able to advise you of the expected results, what is the protocol required, what are the parameters to use, cold run or hot run, preconditioning requirements, duration of degassing, etc, please rely on us this speciality and we are able to advise accordingly.