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Training Really Matter


Great training will last, it will be able to produce Quality Product, Quality Service, Quality Process and many many else you may name it, thus training is important.

Information Technology Training:


* Computer - Hardware and Software

* Inter Connecting Network Device

* Programming Languages

* Web Development - Front End and Back End

* Cyber Security

* CLOUD technology

* Data Analytics

* ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library)

Mechanical Engineering Training: 


* Metallurgy Programmes

    - Materials Engineering

    - Casting Technology

    - Heat Treatment

* Energy Conversion Programmes

     - Heat Exchanger, Chiller, Cooling Tower and Air Conditioning

     - Pump Technology

     - Turbines (Gas/Steam/Water)

     - Combustion Engine Technology

     - Aeronotical and Aerospace Engineering

* Manufacturing and Production Engineering Programmes

     - Manufacturing Technology

     - Quality Management Engineering

     - Activity Based Costing

     - Human Factor Engineering

     - Supply Chain Management

* Machine Design

     - Statics and Dynamics

     - Power Transmission

     - Vibration Engineering

Electrical Engineering Training:


* Electronics Programmes

    - Circuitry Analysis

    - Electrical Components and their behaviour

    - Programmable Logic Controller and Application

* High Power Programmes

    - Delta and Star connection 

    - Power Generation Plant

    - Work and Health Safety during works

* Information Technology Programmes

    - Robotics

    - Automation

    - Artificial Intelligence

    - Internet of Thing

* Telecommunication Programmes

    - Radio Telephony

    - VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

    - VPN Security

Industrial Chemical Training: 


* Hazardous Materials and their related issues

* Non-hazardous Materials and their processes

* Manufacturing Processes of both and their industrial   applications

* Safety matter in handling both

* Removal, Replenishment, Rejuvenation and Disposal of the materials

Financial Engineering Training:


* Tools for Financial Engineering

* Valuation Relationship and Applications

* Measuring Returns

* Risk Factors - what are the driven factors behind them

* Financial Engineering Processes and Strategies

Other Tailor Made Training: 


We will design for the specific needs based on our expertise, 99.99% we have the experiences, need not to worry, just enquiry and we will response positively